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Didaktik der Physik Technology Enhanced Textbook (TET)

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    The project

    The Technology Enhanced Textbook (TET) as mobile, touch-sensitive interactive textbook, supports the prospective user with didactic-technological enhancements of reality and through novel tools for individual knowledge construction and cooperative learning.
    Everyday experiences of the TET-users are directly linked to the possibility to actively conduct experiments. Additionally, one can explore real-life scientific research laboratories interactively. This way the long demanded moderate-constructivist direction of education and learning processes will finally be implemented.

    Initial demonstrations can be tested under "tetfolio.de".
    Login to the application: tetfolio.de tetfolio.de

    Technology Enhanced Textbook
    Fig.: The Technology Enhanced Textbook (TET), presented on an Ipad

    The narrowed scope of action when learning with a textbook, which consists of reading and taking notes, is overcome by TET. TET is the first project in the history of media education that allows a realistic, naturalistic active and communicative interaction with (natural) phenomena and experiments. In a 3-year project - funded by the BMBF - we validate the innovation potential of our scientific research, with the aim to develop applications for schools, colleges, educational trainings, museums, radio and television.

    TET in action
    Fig.: TET in action

    Results from previous projects of our research group in this working area:

    Technology Enhanced Textbook (TET)

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