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Didaktik der Physik Technology Enhanced Textbook (TET)

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    Didactic functions of TET

    We are validating the economic and educational potential of the "Technology Enhanced Textbook" (TET) - we are doing this on the basis of the following working hypothesis: the active construction of knowledge can be better supported by technologically advanced textbooks than by an analog textbook. In particular, the technological potential of current mobile devices including integrated sensors and interfaces for data acquisition, and communication opportunities via internet can indicate how active knowledge construction might be encouraged and supported when one is examining the environment. The possibility of using Interactive Screen Experiments (ISE) and Interactive Screen Laboratories (ISL) offers an additional opportunity to experience scientific phenomena. After initial validation talks in the prospective areas of TET's application, namely schools and colleges, three didactic functions emerged where TET could support students and teachers. These include the textbook as:
    • a portfolio where students and teachers can gather material and such externalize their knowledge
    • an experiment kit that enables users to actually experience theoretically acquired knowledge
    • an interface for communication and exchange.

    The Technology Enhanced Textbook (TET)
    Fig.: The Technology Enhanced Textbook (TET)

    Based on the technological potential of modern mobile devices, we describe respective features and their importance for constructivist learning environments. The strengths of the features are highlighted by applying them in specific learning scenarios. At the interface of physical and virtual experience, learners construct their personal knowledge, become authors and creators of their own personalized textbook and use the wide variety of available online modules, materials and information.
    Didactic functions of TET
    Fig.: Didactic functions of TET

    You can find further information on the didactical background of the "Technology Enhanced Textbook" in the article titled: "Lehrbuch der Zukunft - Mediendidaktische Aspekte im Validierungsprojekt Technology Enhanced Textbook." published by our Open Access Journal "phydid".

    >> Das Lehrbuch der Zukunft
    Slides corresponding to the article: Münster, 22.3.2011

    Technology Enhanced Textbook (TET)

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